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As an integrated provider of outsourced services, AOS helps companies unload their unefficient, time-consuming non-core activities and focus their resources on strategic priorities. Through our comprehensive range of services, we serve the needs of business in diverse industries such as banking and finance, telecommunications, insurance, etc.

Temporary And Contract Staffing

One of our most sought-after services is Temporary and Contract Staffing. We provide temporary staffing to match the fluctuations in your personnel requirements, for instance, due to seasonal or unexpected job-load surges and new projects. We have an extensive database of available skilled workers who can start work on short notice. We can also supply our clients with top-notch professionals for a specific length of time or for a specific project.
Our temporary or contract staffing service helps your company reduce employment cost related to the recruitment, training, retention and termination of employees; maintain budget controls; access a new pool of highly skilled resources; and enjoy staffing flexibility and uninterrupted productivity.

Direct Selling

Direct Selling activities, in which we have many years of experience, are both laborious and time-consuming. Many companies delegate these activities to AOS for the solution to this problem. Direct selling of your products and services to your potential customers is conducted by experienced sales people who are equipped with in-dept product knowledge and exceptional sales skills.

Contact Center Service

As a provider of Contact Center Service, we help companies utilize the telephone more effectively to increase sales and customer service. Whether it is message collection, sales enquiry and follow up, or other business needs such as Customer Retention or Customer Reactivation program. Our contact center service ensure that your calls are handled efficiently and professionally, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
Studies indicate that it is five to seven times more expensive to find a new customer than to retain one, and a more 5% increase a customer retention and reactivation can nearly double your profits (source: Catalogue Retail Marketing International / CRMI). All customer retention and reactivation programs rely on communicating with customers; AOS' contact center can help make your customer retention and reactivation program more effective and cost-efficient by directly calling your customers on your company's behalf.


Telemarketing is other method of Direct Marketing, which our salesperson uses the telephone to solicit prospective client to sell your products and services. In the city like Jakarta; the traffic condition and other infrastructure have limit our direct sales mobility. Telemarketing or telesales is becoming method of choice in term of high productivity. Telemarketing or Telesales not only can overcome our city infrastructure but also inter-city limitation. As Internet technology has become a common thing in our daily life, having VOIP telephony system has make Telemarketing or telesales become more economical. Our Telemarketing center is able to make call to most of any major cities in Indonesia at fraction of the cost..

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